Monday, September 6, 2010


Here we r talking about Woman Importance on The Earth!!

we all know woman are main root of our society,
from the history we know, god also accept woman as
goddess, whenever man are in trouble they went to goddess for help!

Then why we(man) not give the importance to woman,
why we forget the power of woman?

We all know very well, without woman we & our humanity can't survive!

Now days we have seen all talking about equality between man & woman

After that almost  man having same thinking about woman(may be they educated or uneducated )

our man thinking woman just a god made machine for SEX satisfaction & CHILD Production!

Isn't right?

I think if our man not change our view about woman,
then the day not so far when our humanities get finished

Now day's itself we can see around the world & around our society

No one parents pray  to god, u give me a daughter!

we never think why it happened,
what will happen? If all parents think like that!

we never think, where is the problem?

If we think then we find it!
the problem is inside my society, problem is created by our society,
main problem is giving man importance in society.

u can see in our day-to-day  life
we man think we can do wrong & right thing
but woman can't
we man have freedom to do  anything
but our woman is not


why not woman have freedom to taking our own decision?
if woman went outside
then some man thinking    wow......
'our entertaining machine is moving on road, they can't think we also came on earth from that only,

so we should give respect to them
they forget humanities!!! so,
our man are seek, they need some treatment
i don't  know which type of treatment they need!

I think man need to change our view about woman
such as they think
they need to  change the meaning of marriage in our mind!

they don't think if i get a woman as wife that mean we got 

A female for SEX satisfaction'

A machine for CHILD production'

A servant for making food for me & my families,

Aservant for taking care of my family, ETC...

we(man) should need to understand right meaning of LIFE partner,

I think life partner mean both should understand the feeling of each other
it mean the need of each other for every thing....

we shear  our both moment happiness as well as sadness
if any problem created then solve it by shearing both
never blame to each other!!!

Enjoy every moment of life with shearing it......

I want to say that we should give same equality to our woman in society!

I know a single person can't change society, but we can change our thinking
surely society will change after some time!!!!!

If man itself not change our mind, then no one can change his mind

what u think about woman?

i think woman is angel on earth sanded by god for our society & humanities
its my request to all man as well as parents don't think bad for woman>>>>>..
woman is beauty of life on earth, we must give respect & save it ....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!whats your thinking about woman's position in our society ??

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